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Let's watch Australian TV in Japan.
  Australia Network

australia networkAustralian Broadcasting Corporation started broadcasting of ABC Asia Pacific across Asia Pacific region since the beginning of 2002. This enabled to watch an Australian based TV channel in Japan. They renamed to Australia Network on August 7, 2006.

Australia Network broadcasts Australian programmes such as news, drama, sport, education and documentary 24 hours a day. They are not only from ABC's s but also from Seven Network, Channel Nine, Network TEN. There's no Japanese subtitle or dubbing. The picture quality is as same as or near DVD. The audio is fine like that, it's in stereo(In case you receive IS-8 C-band).

  Principal Programmes

australia networkThe followings are some examples of their lineup(it contains ended programs.) Visit Australia Network's web site for the latest program guide.

  • All Saints
  • Hornblower
  • Here's Humphrey
  • Big Sky
  • Blue Heelers
  • FireFlies
  • Halifax f.p.
  • Home and Away
  • MDA
  • Stingers
  • Water Rats
  • AFL Premiership Season(Australian Football League)
  • Aerobics Oz Style
  • Getaway
  • The Food Channel Presents .... What's Cooking

  How to Watch

There're several ways to watch. Australia Network broadcasts for Asia Pacific region by using 2 satellites - IS-5 and IS-8, and local distributors rebroadcast them by some methods.

Initial cost
Monthly cost
1.Satellite Intelsat(formerly PanAmSat2/8) Approx. 30,000-100,000yen 0yen Very good  
2.Internet 4th MEDIA 31,779yen* 3,045yen* Unknown *Campaigns available
3.Internet Donga 0yen 0yen Not good  
4.Satellite MURA CAM 18,900yen* 3,150yen Unknown *Rental 1,575yen/ month
5.Internet MegaBox Approx. 39,800yen 2,445yen Unknown  
6.Satellite SKYPerfecTV! Approx. 20,000yen 945yen Unknown Not full time
7. Internet world on demand (STB Option 15,000yen) 1,500yen Unknown  
8.TV KONA (STB Option 15,000yen) 2,000yen Unknown  
9.Sonixnet Unknown 2,000yen Unknown  
10.Nepan Channels (STB Option 15,000yen) Unknown Unknown  
ISP fees, installation fees, etc. are excluded.

1. Satellite - Intelsat C-band

This is the way to directly receive IS-5 or IS-8 which Australia Network uses to distribute. You can receive most non-encrypted programs for free if you have compatible equipments without subscription. In this way you can also listen to Radio Australia.

You need a DVB-S tuner, a satellite dish with at least 90cm diameter*, an LNBF for C-band, and so on. You can buy these items at some special shops or Internet auction. In Japan, the direction of both satellites is southeast. To view encrypted programs, you need a free Smart Card and a receiver compatible with it.
*This is a rough indication to receive IS-8 in Honshu(main island of Japan). The required size of antenna varies by location, satellite, equipment quality, etc.

The television standard is PAL. You cannot watch on a normal Japanese NTSC TV set. You need a format converter, a tuner or a VCR with built-in converter, a PAL TV set, or a video capture card compatible with PAL, whichever.

PAL TV/Video, and format converters are available online at Masani, Rac, and Kobe Sacom.

Please visit the Satellite page for detailed information of reception or equipment. How to Watch and Reception Advise are available on Australia Network's web site, too. Please note that since they use C-band, it may not be able to receive if there's interference of terrestrial microwave.

2. Internet - 4th MEDIA (On-line TV)

4th MEDIA is NTT's broadband motion picture service using FLET'S.NET. You can watch via Flet's ADSL or B Flet's from partnered ISPs. It's available on Ch.635 from January 24, 2005(630yen/month, excludes basic fee and ISP fee.)

Partnered ISPs (As of March, 2005): Plala, hi-ho, @nifty, Biglobe

3. Internet - Donga

If you have a broadband connection, you can watch via Internet(As of April, 2005). It can be played with WindowsMediaPlayer9. The bandwidth is 310kbps.
Currently Unavailable(As of May 2006)

4. Satellite - PanGlobal TV Japan  Formerly MURA CAM-TV

PanGlobal TV Japan rebroadcasts ABC Asia Pacific by Ku-band in Japan. You can receive with a 45-60cm dish. It's a paid service in NTSC. You don't need to obtain or install equipments yourself. But this company often discontinues or changes their service(as followings) so you had better beware.

1, 2000 Les amis de TV established.
7, 2000 The broadcasting of TV5 started on SKYPerfecTV!
12, 2000 Discontinuation of TV5 due to troubles.
around 1, 2001 The Japanese company name changed. Planned to start international multi channel broadcasting with help of Satlink from 7, 2001.
4-11, 2002 Via U.S.' satellite PAS8, the test broadcasting of Fashion TV, MCM, TV5 Asie, and Deutsche Welle started.
7, 2002 The test broadcasting of ABC Asia Pacific started. Around this time, the company name changed to Les amis.
end of 2002 The official broadcasting started. MCM discontinued. The lineup is Fashion TV, ABC Asia Pacific, and Deutsche Welle. The rate and plan are changed. A different company Muracam(corporate parent?) registered to government at the time.
1, 2003 Les amis discontinued, Muracam took over.
9, 2003 The broadcasting of ABC Asia Pacific and Deutsche Welle started via Indonesian satellite Palapa C2. Announced to change satellite(but continued using PAS8). About this thing not mentioned on Muracam-TV's web site.
11, 2003 The broadcasting on PAS8 discontinued.
4, 2004 AICE established.
6, 2004 Stopped the service for about 2 days due to technical problem.
7, 2004 NASA TV and Brazil Mix TV added. Totally 4 channels.
8, 2004 AICE started to receive personal applications and inquiries.
end of 9, 2004 Brazil Mix TV discontinued due to channel side's issue.
10, 2004 Fox News Channel which is discontinued on SKYPerfecTV! started via PAS8. ABC Asia Pacific, Deutsche Welle, and NASA TV on Palapa C2 became scrambled.
12, 2004 The rate plan changed(the admission fee and 1st monthly fee became free. STB 50% off if monthly fee for a year paid at once)
1, 2005 The name changed from MURACAM-TV to MURA CAM-TV.
1, 2006 The name changed from MURA CAM-TV to PanGlobal TV Japan.
9, 2006 Discontinued to broadcast Australia Network(ABC Asia Pacific), Deutsche Welle, Nasa TV and Fox News.
2007 Summer? Their web site disappeared.

5. Internet - MegaBox

A broadband TV using a sole use STB by SuperSat and Atlus. Internet Watch reports that the format is MPEG-4 in around 800kbps-1Mbps, and the STB price will be around 39,800yen. The monthly fee will take 945yen + foreign TV option 1,500yen. Recording is impossible. Be careful to search about SuperSat because so many sexually explicit sites will appears.(It seems they were in such kind of business).

6. Satellite - SKYPerfecTV! terminated in March 2012

It'll be available to watch on the major satellite platform SKYPerfecTV! from May 2009 at Ch.773 Australia Network/Science Channel operated by Atos Broadcasting. But it's time sharing of 2 tv stations, so they'll broadcast about half a day.

7. Internet - world on demand unavailable from around the end of 2009

It requires broadband internet connection more than 4Mbps. You can choose STB option to view on TV.

8. Internet - TV KONA since May 2010

It requires broadband internet connection more than 4Mbps. You can choose STB option to view on TV.

9. Internet - Sonixnet

Provided by Assist Solutions. It requires broadband internet connection more than 5Mbps.

10. Internet - Nepal Channels

It requires broadband internet connection more than 3Mbps.

  • Each services may discontinue due to underperforming or some such issues. Please watch the channel at your own risk. This site cannot take any responsibility even any problem are caused.